Improve your short game

We all want to shoot better scores, and all the best players agree that there are few better ways to do so than to spend some time working on your game around the greens.

Beat the big-hitters

For those who don't have the longest game, you may well get better results by concentrating on the short game rather than hitting balls on the range, forever seeking those few extra yards.

Everyone can all improve their golf

The lighter touch and feel required around the greens is an area that we can all improve on, whether you need to practice judging the pace of a putt or controlling your chips. Our facilities provide the best opportunity to improve your scores and your handicap.

Unmatched short game area

Our short game area is one of many aspects that sets Winchester Golf Academy apart. There's simply nothing like it for miles around.

Three target greens

The three greens are set 15, 30 and 50 yards from the playing area, requiring different skills to hit. The closest green is a premier nylon golf green and is designed to accomodate both check and bounce, and chip and run shots. The two further greens are impact greens and are designed to help with distance judgement and feel. The Huxley greens blend into the surrounding landscape

Improve your bunker play

With several places to play from, including a bunker, plus the differences in ground levels, there's a near infinite variety of shots you can practice.  Not only are our short game facilities a great chance to improve your game, but we think they are so much fun that you'll want to stay all day.

Putt for dough

Our Huxley putting green is designed to make sure that putts run true and at a realistic speed. Huxley's unique, high-spec surface and artificial green construction ensures excellent playability all year round.