Are you playing a ‘High Toe’ in your wedges?

HI-TOE Wedges

Sounds funny right? Type this into google and the first thing that pops up are images of ladies shoes!

So what are they? TaylorMade have designed a new wedge that literally has a higher toe on it. With  full face of scoring lines (grooves) and an expanded toe section, the wedge will deliver a high spin performance across the entire face.


With incredibly versatile performance around the green, a high bounce leading edge and enhanced heel and toe relief, the HI-TOE has been engineered to perform on chips, pitch shots, bunker shots, flop shots and bump and runs.

The centre of gravity is higher for a lower launch but higher spin making it perfect for pitch shots into the green.


But what does this all mean? Well, the HI-TOE wedge will be a game changer. The improved technology means it is easier to play all kinds of shots out of poor and difficult lies. Which, lets be honest, we all struggle with right? The extended toe makes it slightly more difficult for the club to release meaning you can leave the face open a little longer for those tricky shots around the green.

The majority of shots lost in a round of golf is around the green so TaylorMade have helped us out and made our life a little easier.

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