We take a look at the Callaway Rogue Driver

Callaway have released their newest edition, the ‘Rogue’ with Jailbreak distance and increased forgiveness.

Callaway have spent time over the last year improving their Jailbreak technology with the new hourglass-shaped titanium bars which are 25% lighter. Whilst being lighter, the bars help increase stiffness of the crown and sole, allowing the face to take on more impact. Along with the X-Face VFT (Variable Face Thickness) technology, the result is the Jailbreak effect, and that means higher ball speed and more distance.











Instead of sliding weights and adjustability, Callaway have opted to release three different driver heads. Standard, Sub-Zero and a draw biased head (with 7 yards more draw than the Epic). By removing the sliding weight, they have saved 15g compared to the Epic. But what benefit does this have? The answer is that the weight in the head has been repositioned for more forgiveness, resulting in a 15% decrease in shot dispersion. Impressive!

Even though the Epic and the Rogue are both 460cc drivers, the Rogue looks much larger than the Epic. The head has been stretched, so looking down on the club, it appears to be much longer from face to toe. This new feature, along with its slick carbon crown and metallic blue colourway, make the Rogue very easy on the eye. The only issue with a bigger club head is drag, so Callaway have teamed up with Boeing to create the new Speed Step design. This reduces aerodynamic drag for increased club head speed.

We tested the Epic with the Rogue and here are the results. DRIVER1 is the Epic and the statistics above are from the Rogue. As you can see in the red circles, Harry’s swing speed has improved by 2mph, resulting in almost 10 yards more carry. The green circles show that his dispersion has also decreased from the Epic.

Overall, if you struggled keeping the Epic down the middle, then the Rogue definitely offers more forgiveness, quicker ball speed and more confidence with the looks.

Plenty of shafts available from 40g through to 70g, so come and demo the New Callaway Rogue at Winchester Golf Academy or book yourself in a fitting to get the full potential out of your game.